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Are You Ready?


Are you ready for what's coming your way? Whether it's today or tomorrow, there is such greatness heading toward you. No matter what's going on or how you may be struggling, it will pass soon. When it does, there will be space for opportunities. Are you ready for them when they come to you? Let […] Read More

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What Lesson Are You Learning?


Often we look so long and hard at what happened, we forget to see the real reason it happened. We ask ourselves, why it happened, why we let it get that far, or why didn't we see what was in front of us. We focus too much on what could've, should've, would've gone better if […] Read More

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What NOT To Say To A Single Mom


There are a couple of things that are like nails on a chalkboard to me, and I’m not going to apologize for feeling this way. The other day at a networking event, a lady says to me, “I wish I was a single mom, because I pretty much have another child with my husband.” My […] Read More

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Women and Body Image


Close your eyes and picture this. You arrive at the pool with your kids. You put your bag down on a table. By the time, you turn around, your kids are already making their way over to the pool. You look around. There are at least 50 if not 75 or 100 people here today. […] Read More

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Risk, Care, Dream, Expect


Are you playing it safe? Are you doing what others expect you to do? Are you being who you're "supposed" to be? Are you making decisions others think are right? Run, walk, sprint, jog, skip...just don't mosey. Make a decision, whether it's right or wrong. Do what you want, and who cares if anyone else, […] Read More