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single moms and fear

Stop the Blame


You did do enough. He didn’t do it right. She was late. Blame, blame, blame. There is so much blame to go around, and yet it seems people don’t hold themselves to responsibility. Is it about being right? Is it about you not looking bad? Why all the blame? When you have a blame mentality, […] Read More

single mom and toddlers

What a Few Words Can Do For a Single Mom


I never knew how much words of affirmation meant to me until I became a parent, actually a single mom. I always loved sleeping. Sometimes at night I would put my head on the pillow and my mind was still racing. You’ve had nights where your body is so tired, but your mind has a […] Read More

being a single mom on father’s day

What You Can Do For Single Moms


Through my research, I’ve read article after article blaming single moms for anything and everything from an editor not selling enough newspapers to Republicans saying single moms are “ruining the fabric of America.” What happens when we stop blaming single moms and we start reaching out our hands to help them? The world just might […] Read More

single mothers

When He Might Be The One For You


  You didn't see the signs before that he wasn't the right one. You aren't alone. Most of us have exes we would rather forget to remember.When you meet another guy, how will you know if he is "The One?" What will he do? How will he act? Here are a few signs that he […] Read More

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How To Know He’s Not Right For You


  Do you want to know if it's a red flag or something you should pay attention to with the next guy? You aren't alone. Here are ten signs that he's not the right one for you. Don't ignore these signs, because they could be the one thing you need to get out before it […] Read More