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One Of The Hardest Things


One of the hardest things for single moms is to give ourselves permission. We have these ultra high expectations for ourselves never allowing us to be anything less than perfect. Then when things don't go the way we planned (and let's face it, they usually don't), we get upset, sad, or disappointed, because somehow we […] Read More

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A Journey For The Strong


Being a single parent is hard work. You get up, get  ready, take your kids to school, and drive to work. Work all day long. Then keep doing what needs to be done when you get home. It's also filled with a lot of joy, happiness, and fun. There are plenty of laughs and smiles […] Read More

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10 Ways Single Moms Can Pamper Themselves for Under $10


If you’re like most single moms, you forget to think about yourself. You’re too busy going to work, running the kids around, making dinner, picking up the house, and every other thing to even think about yourself for five minutes. Then if you happen to put yourself on the list, you don’t even know what […] Read More

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What Really Matters


Do you feel sluggish when Monday comes around? Well, I'm about to change all of that for you! I'm starting Motivating Mondays, because I want you to start each week by learning to LOVE YOURSELF AT A HIGHER LEVEL. What? What does that mean? Join us each Monday to find out, because I'm here to motivate, […] Read More

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Never Give Up


  Never ever give up. What you want most can happen when you least expect it, occur tomorrow, or come in five minutes, but you will never know if you give up. Stay on course, but more importantly stay true to yourself. When you listen to your inner most self, it will never lead you […] Read More